Understanding Agency Finance with Stacey Borrow

Understanding Agency Finance with Stacey Borrow

Understanding agency finance may not be what gets you out of bed in the morning.

In fact, I’d bet my kids’ college fund that accounting is at the bottom of the list of what gets you excited about running your agency. But, frankly, it could hardly be more vital if you want to survive, thrive and eventually exit your agency.

The great news about accountancy is that there are loads of great and affordable software packages that can help you keep compliant. On top of that, there are people like Stacey Borrow from Profit By Design. Stacey is a management accountant, which means she helps you look forward with your numbers and use that knowledge to make informed decisions.

Stacey joins me on the podcast to explore the five areas of finance that agency owners should focus on to save costs, make more money and free up time. You know, important things like client profitability, cashflow and understanding your cost base.

Understanding agency finance now sounds good right? Click below to listen in.

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