Confident Communication

Duration: 1 Day

Location: London

Price: £495 per person (plus VAT)

Date: TBC

Time: 9am - 5pm

This training course is for people who want to knock their next presentation out of the park.

You know that time you delivered a presentation and froze on stage, or you crumbled during a pitch and completely lost your train of thought? What about when you forgot your content and spent the whole session reading your slides? Or maybe you were so nervous you nailed a bottle of wine at lunch and slurred your way through the deck you prepared last minute?

If any of these sound familiar, you need to join us for Confident Communication.

What will you get from this workshop?

Delivering pitches, presentations and public speaking is part and parcel of a career in marketing. Get used to the idea and get good at it so you don’t have to worry. That’s what Confident Communication is all about.

In this full day workshop delivered in person, we will develop your communications skills, building your confidence at delivering presentations, pitches and public speaking in any situation. Whether you are fairly accomplished, or introverted and inexperienced, this course will help you to gain more speaking confidence by developing your natural abilities, helping you to engage and entertain your audiences like never before.

This workshop has a special focus on the art of the performance – the elements of stage craft that will help to deliver high impact presentations, every time.

By completing this training course you will be able to:

  • make a great first impression
  • show confidence and control your nerves
  • write rich, concise material with a story
  • engage an audience and keep their attention through stage craft
  • communicate authentically
  • use visuals effectively
  • adapt to the unexpected


The workshop will be held in central London with a maximum of six attendees. It will be in interactive throughout and you will be gently pushed out of your comfort zone to learn enhanced speaking techniques through direct experience.

You will need to prepare and bring with you a 5-minute presentation on any subject you like. This can be in simple note format or with visuals if you wish. You will deliver this two – three times during the workshop, building and iterating it into a thing of utter power: impactful, persuasive and easy to deliver.

Who is this session for?

Anyone at your agency that needs to deliver high impact presentations:

  • Management and SLT: Directors, Associate Directors, Board Members, Founders, Partners
  • Client Services: Account Directors, Account Managers and Account Executives
  • Creatives: Strategists, Designers, Creative Directors
  • Business Development

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What past attendees have told us:

“I attended the confidence communications workshop, which was great! A very enjoyable and professional course where I developed my presentation skills dramatically. I received great feedback from my employer after completing the course on my presentation skills. I would highly recommend it.”

Chloe Emmerson, Senior Marketing Manager, Bright Innovation

“The confident communication training I attended was professionally and expertly delivered, supporting and challenging the participants in equal measure to develop their presentation skills.”

Dan Ince, CEO, BrandWorks

Book your place:

Click here to book your place on this workshop and pay by credit card.

Course Leaders:

Jon has worked as a designer (and experienced the joy of deadlines) at games companies including Sony and Electronic Arts, and as a professional stand-up comic for a few years. He knows how to engage and motivate an audience and by his own admission is occasionally funny too. Now, as a coach and speaker, Jon teaches effective communication, using his personal skills to both show and tell. Jon has most recently provided communication skills training for Foster + Partners and Cambridge University. Jon’s unique insights from the worlds of computer game design and stand-up comedy enable even the most introverted of his clients to deliver presentations that delight and motivate their audiences.


Andy BargeryAndy is a seasoned agency professional and marketing consultant. He has accumulated more than 20 years of experience working in marketing, including spells at Pleon and Ketchum (Omnicom owned agencies) and founding Klaxon; his own marketing communications agency. Andy has worked across sectors during his career, and his past clients include Google, the EU, Vodafone,, Astra Zeneca, FedEx, Xerox, Oracle, Shell and a wide array of SMEs.

Andy teaches Chartered Institute of Marketing professional qualifications and marketing apprenticeships. He is also the host of Through the Line, a podcast where Andy talks with industry experts about the business of running agencies and the latest marketing hot topics.

£495.00 plus VAT per delegate.

This includes:

  • One full day workshop, with written feedback provided.
  • Recordings of your presentations to show the progress you made.
  • Working buffet lunch.

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“I really enjoyed the confident communication course.  I think I might finally have turned a corner overcoming my total fear of presenting! It felt like a very safe environment to learn and be coaxed along.  I got a real buzz from the last session when I thought that actually, I can do it! I will try and remember that feeling for the next time!”

Lucy Campbell, Head of Events, Christie’s