PODCAST: The Science of Client Relationships with Paul Phillips

PODCAST: The Science of Client Relationships with Paul Phillips

There isn’t much more important in agency life than the relationships you build with your clients.

As I’ve been in client service for most, if not all, of my agency career, I would say that. I’m sure those of you in creative services, planning, or other areas will disagree.

But, it doesn’t matter how great your ideas or your creative output are if you can’t look after your clients.

And yet, building client relationships is something I have never received any formal training in. It’s just something you learn on the job.

What if I tell you there’s an equation for creating great client relationships. Better still, what if I invited an agency pro and expert on client relationships to explain it? Look no further.

In the latest episode of Through the Line, agency veteran (I hope you don’t mind me calling you this), Paul Phillips joined me to explore the ‘Trust Equation’, developed by David Maister in his famous text, The Trusted Advisor.

Never heard of it? Here’s a simple graphic that shows the different elements of the trust equation from Trusted Advisor Associates:

agency client relationships
Image courtesy of Trusted Advisor Associates

Listen to this episode and learn from Paul as he breaks down the different elements of the trust equation, including what you can do to improve your client relationships, like working on your antenna, giving your clients a dam good listening to, and building intimacy (not like that).

Enjoy the show:

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