PODCAST: Winning Agency Pitches

PODCAST: Winning Agency Pitches

A common challenge for agencies is finding new clients. We seem to be in a continuous new business drive – prospecting, networking, cold calling, starting conversations and pitching.

At the same time, clientside marketers are struggling to find their ideal agency partner from the vast number of agencies at their fingertips. In the UK alone there are over 20,000 agencies – or so I’m told.

In this episode, I chat with Dan Ince, a freelance marketing gun for hire, about how he finds and recruits agency talent for his clients. We explore some of the best practices for agencies around pitching that will help them to look at this process through the lens of a client-side marketer.

If you’re looking for ideas for how best to approach clients and differentiate yourself in a sea of bland, vanilla looking, agencies, you should enjoy this episode.

Listen to this podcast to find out how you can excel at your next pitch.

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PODCAST: Tackling Mental Health in Marketing

PODCAST: Tackling Mental Health in Marketing

We’ve never been more aware of mental health in marketing, or society at large. We’re talking about it more than ever and HR are looking at it with increasing intent. After all, there are mental health challenges in marketing and advertising like never before. This is bound to be the case if you consider the ever-changing and stressful nature of our work and the colourful characters attracted to the sector.

But, just because we’re more open about our challenges and employers are talking about it more, doesn’t mean anything is changing. Mental health in marketing is still a significant problem to address.

Step in Aaron Harvey and his Made of Millions Foundation. Aaron is on a mission; to put mental health higher up the agenda at work. In his mindset, there is simply no excuse for not making the changes needed to address the growing mental health challenge in the workplace.

Listen to this podcast to find out what he’s been doing and how you can get involved too.

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The resources referenced in the show to help with mental health in marketing:

Dear Manager

Made of Millions

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