PODCAST: Selling an Agency with Dan Rhodes

PODCAST: Selling an Agency with Dan Rhodes

There’s a common belief among marketing agency entrepreneurs that when the time comes, and they have made enough money or spent enough energy on their business, they will be able to sell it. They may be thinking the likes of Omnicom, WPP, or another big agency group will snap them up, and they can live off the proceeds.

The reality is very different. Agency owners that successfully exit this way are few and far between.

That said, it’s not impossible, and many are successful at selling an agency, going on to other things.

In this podcast, I talk with Dan Rhodes, a branding consultant who successfully sold his agency to another in 2007. Dan shares some of his key learnings from the process; getting value from your advisors, negotiation strategies, valuation and earn-out, and crucially, what can you do in advance to get your agency in the best possible shape to sell. As Dan describes it, getting match fit.

If you are thinking of selling an agency business, you’re going to get a great deal from this episode of Through the Line.

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