PODCAST: Solving the Procurement Puzzle

PODCAST: Solving the Procurement Puzzle

Business development is a constant challenge for marketing agencies. Most are on a constant hunt for new business and spend their time pitching to marketing directors, managers, heads of, CMOs etc.

But in good old B2B marketing, we’re forgetting about the other players in the decision-making unit. And the biggest players of all often sit in procurement. Particularly if you’re selling to large brands.

It’s worthwhile spending a bit of time learning what makes procurement managers tick then, right? To find out how they negotiate, how should you engage them, what personality types you might find in procurement teams…and so on. I thought so and invited ex-procurement lead and now agency advisor Mike Lander, to join me on the show. My word does he share some value and gives some key takeaways:

  • Have you thought about the different agenda procurement might have compared to your marketing buyer?
  • Have you honed your negotiation skills so you can deal with the professional negotiators in procurement? Have you done any training on this?
  • How much are you practising how to work with procurement? What sorts of questions are they going to ask? How would you deal with them?

If you want to learn how to better manage the challenges of selling to procurement pros, you’re in the right place.

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