PODCAST: Social Media Strategy with Claire Hoang

PODCAST: Social Media Strategy with Claire Hoang

Remember social media? It’s what marketers got excited about before the metaverse and then AI stole the headlines.

Despite being out of the limelight, social media is no less important. In fact, as my guest on this show, Claire Hoang, suggests, it’s even more important; many of our audiences are now social media natives. They have never known a world without social media, so it’s no time to lose our heads and focus on another shiny penny. Even if that shiny penny is another new social media platform like Thread.

In this episode of Through the Line, Claire takes me through how marketers can utilise social media to engage their audiences and build their brands. In a wide-ranging conversation, Claire and I look at everything from the importance of native content, supporting organic with paid social, the value of attention, brand building rather than pushing product in an always-on world, and brand safety. We even touch on the need to regulate social media. If you’re in any way involved in social media strategy, you’ll find some value in what Claire has to say.

I hope you enjoy the show:

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