PODCAST: Neurodivergent Teams with Nathan Whitbread

PODCAST: Neurodivergent Teams with Nathan Whitbread

You’ve probably heard about the importance of diversity a lot recently. It should come as no surprise that building a team of people from different cultural backgrounds will create a melting pot of ideas and influences on which you can build great marketing. But what about neurodiversity in marketing? When people think differently, approach and tackle challenges from a different perspective.

In this podcast, I explore what neurodiversity and neurodivergent traits are with Nathan Whitbread, an expert who works with employers to help them build neuro-inclusive workplaces. We look at what neurodiversity is, why it seems to be more commonplace, and what brands can/should do to enable individuals to be themselves at work. The goal is to create opportunities for brands to find economic and innovative advantages by allowing people to play to their strengths, whatever they are.

What’s all this got to do with marketing? In a world where we are forever in need of seeking new opportunities, wouldn’t it be good to have a team of people that think a little differently? Wouldn’t that help with innovation?

I hope you enjoy the show:

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