PODCAST: Marketing to the Purple Pound with Martyn Sibley

PODCAST: Marketing to the Purple Pound with Martyn Sibley

Growing businesses is a journey full of learnings. Whether you are developing a publishing business, a travel brand or a marketing agency, I promise there will be plenty of lessons along the way. Just ask entrepreneur, Martyn Sibley.

In this episode of Through the Line, Martyn joins me to explore his entrepreneurial journey. We unpack some of his key lessons for success, such as finding partners with complementary skills, and the importance of mentors.

We also explore Martyn’s passion for disability inclusion as we consider the spending power of the purple pound. Did you know in the UK that disabled consumers have a spending power of £250bn per annum, with this figure rising to $8tn (yes that is trillion and not billion) globally? That’s one hell of a big market place, largely ignored by marketers. Just 0.06% of advertising features people with a disability. When you consider 22% of the UK population has a disability that is hardly inclusive.

But, it is also a massive opportunity for the right brand and savvy entrepreneurs like Martyn Sibley. Listen in if you want to understand marketing to the purple pound and what it takes to grow businesses too. Enjoy the show.

Listen in below.

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