PODCAST: Marketing to the C’Suite with Rin Hamburgh

PODCAST: Marketing to the C’Suite with Rin Hamburgh

A common challenge for B2B marketers is how to reach a C’Suite audience.

After all, they’re the decision-makers, right? So we really need to get some content in front of the CMO, CFO, CRO, C whatever O, but they are notoriously hard to reach, let alone influence. Thankfully, the team at copywriting agency RH&Co did a little research into the type of content CxOs want to read, which they pulled together into a handy report for B2B marketers. You can download your copy from the link below.

Rin Hamburgh, the agency head, joined me on this episode of Through the Line to take me through the research. One of their key findings was that marketers underestimate the CxO’s desire for things to be simple. They want complexity of thinking presented in a way that is simple and engaging, and tied to the bigger picture. They don’t want you to sell to them, nor do they have time for waffle.

Click below and listen to the show if you want to find out more about engaging the C’Suite with your content marketing.

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