PODCAST: Marketing, Marketing Agencies with Roland Gurney

PODCAST: Marketing, Marketing Agencies with Roland Gurney

Does your agency look like every other agency? Are you part of the custard soup of marketing and creative services companies? Does your messaging focus on you being award-winning, or full-service agency, or that you work with your clients as partners for the long term?

If so, you have a problem, and it’s one of the reasons why brand-side marketers find it so challenging to tell agencies apart. From the outside, you mostly look the same-a thick custard soup of bland-looking agencies.

Roland takes a different approach. He runs an agency that helps other agencies to market themselves. How? Through clear strategy, differentiated positioning and excellent communications, all built on top of some brave, strategic decision making.

Think your agency strategy, positioning and messaging could do with a shot in the arm. Start here and pick up some great advice to get you thinking clearly.

In this episode of Through the Line, Roland explores his approach to taking agencies from custard soup, to clear, differentiated positioning, that helps the right clients to find you in the first place.

Listen in below.

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