PODCAST: Hacking Brands to Create Meaningful Experiences

PODCAST: Hacking Brands to Create Meaningful Experiences

Patterns of consumer behaviour are changing; how we look for and engage with brands is changing too.

Where we once used to look for features and benefits, we now look more for meaning. Where we used to want more blades in our razors, now we want razors made in a sustainable, ethical manner. We care more about the experience than the functional attributes of our products and services. But not every brand or marketer is adapting in time and we’re seeing high profile casualties in all sorts of sectors.

In this podcast, market researcher, academic and brand expert Dr. Emmanual Probst joins me to explore how brands can engage in a quest for meaning to stay in touch with our changing times. In the podcast, we explore some of the core topics from Dr. Probst’s fantastic book, Brank Hacks – How to Build Brands by Fulfilling the Human Quest for Meaning.

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