PODCAST: Getting Paid with Sophy Francis

PODCAST: Getting Paid with Sophy Francis

When you run an agency, creative shop, or any service-based business, you will come up against a client that doesn’t want to pay their invoice. It’s not if but when. Sometimes you can see it coming; most times, you can’t. So what do you do about it when your invoices sit unpaid? What’s the process for recovering your fees?

Join Sophy Francis from Element Global and me as we explore our experiences of chasing non-paying clients. We’ve both been through the mixer with non-payers and ended up winning our fees through the County Court system aka small claims court.

If you are chasing payment, you can learn something from our experiences about what to do next. If you’re fortunate not yet to have to fight to get paid, have a listen. It will help you prepare for the inevitable. And it is inevitable if you provide credit terms for your clients.

Enjoy the show:

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