PODCAST: Buying and Selling Agencies with Tom Lewis

PODCAST: Buying and Selling Agencies with Tom Lewis

A common goal for many agency founders is to grow their business to a size big enough to sell. Very few understand what this takes, let alone realise that vision. It’s a tricky path, fraught with pitfalls and many terminologies to bamboozle the unwary.

Fortunately, experts are on hand who know this space inside and out. People like Tom Lewis, who has spent a good chunk of his career buying agencies for holding companies and now for private equity. Thankfully Tom agreed to join me on the podcast to chat about his experiences and lay out some advice for agencies going on the journey to exit or even growing through acquisition. Tom was actually in Cambridge when we spoke, although it sounds like he could have been on the moon.

If you are interested in selling your agency or buying another, Tom’s words of wisdom will be a great help.

I hope you enjoy the show:

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