PODCAST: Building Resilient Marketing Teams with Jo Twiselton

PODCAST: Building Resilient Marketing Teams with Jo Twiselton

In the 20+ years I have worked in marketing, there’s been one constant: change.

The marketing industry is pretty fast-paced, whichever discipline or side of the client-agency world you occupy. This is partly what makes it a great space to build a career. But it can also be a challenge. Not everyone is comfortable with change or able to manage it well.

How, then, do you build a resilient marketing team? One that is able to thrive with the constant change, whether they are individuals starting out or have some career mileage under their belt. That’s where Jo Twiselton of Twist Consultants comes in. Jo helps teams to deal with change and create that bouncebackability that is the hallmark of resilience. In this wide-ranging conversation, Jo and I cover everything from communication, leadership and the impact of the pandemic to emotional agility and whether or not office-based workers should go back to five days a week in the office.

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