PODCAST: Building Brand Advocates with Kerry-Ann Stimpson

PODCAST: Building Brand Advocates with Kerry-Ann Stimpson

Building brand advocacy is at the top of a marketer’s to-do list, but we rarely think of internal marketing to achieve it.

Maybe we’re missing a trick. What if you could use internal marketing to create a tribe of advocates to help grow your brand? In this latest episode of Through the Line, I’m joined by Kerry-Ann Stimpson, the CMO of Jamaican financial services firm JMMB Group and host of the Internal Marketing Podcast.

In the show, Kerry-Ann introduces her passion for internal marketing and its importance for building her organisation’s brand from the inside out. What is internal marketing, you ask? It’s an approach to using classic marketing and communications but focusing on your employees, not your external audiences. We explore how marketers can create an empowered workforce supported by a strong people-oriented culture that lives and breathes your brand’s values. How powerful would that be for your organisation?

Kerry-Ann is a super guest – passionate, knowledgeable and full of ideas for building a people-centric brand. You’re in the right place if you want to hear a case study from a talented CMO on how to do internal marketing.

I hope you enjoy the show:

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