PODCAST: Building a Remote Agency with Kathryn Strachan

PODCAST: Building a Remote Agency with Kathryn Strachan

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how we build teams.

In agency land, and every industry really, we are challenged with a workforce that no longer expects to be tied to an office eight hours a day, five days a week. That’s quite a shift in a short space of time.

And especially for an industry that thrives on creating teams with a buzzy, high energy culture. How do you make that when your team is all remote, working in different time zones and not able to bounce off each other over a coffee?

Look no further than Kathryn Strachan and her tech content marketing agency, Copyhouse.

Kathryn started Copyhouse just before the pandemic hit, and now, at two years old, she has a team of 26 and is about to hit a significant revenue milestone.

How has she achieved this? Strong leadership, a clear vision, taking bold action and investing in her business are some of the key ingredients. Another one seems to be a strong desire to help people, starting with her team and, of course, her clients.

Join me and listen to Kathryn as she unpacks some of her journey in building a remote agency. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as I enjoyed recording it.

To find out more or connect with Kathryn:

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