PODCAST: Brand Transformation with Dr Emmanuel Probst

PODCAST: Brand Transformation with Dr Emmanuel Probst

How do you create a brand that’s dynamic and successful, and in tune with the zeitgeist?

In this episode of Through the Line, I explore brand transformation with Dr Emmanual Probst, who has just published a book called ‘Assemblage, the Art and Science of Brand Transformation’. The book is a treasure chest of ideas for brand custodians looking to create better relationships with their customers. I recommend it to anyone looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration.

In this episode of the podcast, Emmanuel and I look at a range of branding topics, from purpose or post purpose, the creator economy, the impact of climate change and the challenges of going DTC. We barely scratch the surface of his book, but it will give you a flavour of what’s inside.

There’s a passage in the conversation when Emmanuel says, “Senior executives don’t have a monopoly on ideas. You can make a difference at any level by being more in tune with culture”. I really like this, and it typifies how Emmanuel, a marketing scholar and practitioner, shares his ideas.

I hope you enjoy the show:

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