PODCAST: Big Brand to Agency Life with Dan Ince

PODCAST: Big Brand to Agency Life with Dan Ince

If you’re pursuing a marketing career, you have two primary choices: work for a brand, a.k.a. client side, or work at an agency. The two sides of the marketing coin work closely together, side by side, as partners. Well, that’s what you’d believe if you read almost any agency website. The truth is often rather different. Client-side and agency-side marketers look at the world through very different lenses, and it’s useful for both to understand the others’ perspectives.

Welcome, Dan Ince. Dan was a big brand guy, including spells at Heinz, Jordan’s, Cadbury, Mr Kipling, Ambrosia…the list goes on. But a few years ago, Dan jumped over to the agency side via a few consultancy gigs, setting up his own shop, Brand Works Social. So, I asked Dan to join me on the podcast to explore the differences between the two sides of marketing. In the show, we explore the topics of agency briefs, proposals and pitching, personal branding, networking, and plenty more.

If you’d like to understand what makes your counterpart in the marketing world tick, please listen in. You might learn how to be a more empathetic marketer.

I hope you enjoy the show:

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