PODCAST: Being a Leader on Social with Phil Szomszor

PODCAST: Being a Leader on Social with Phil Szomszor

Ever wondered why some leaders are always in your social news feed, while others are invisible? For every Richard Branson, there are hundreds without a voice, which is a huge missed opportunity – particularly when you consider leaders are outperforming brands when it comes to social media impact. Look in your Linkedin news feed. My guess is you follow more people than you do brand pages.

How then do you go about harnessing the power of social media for your brand, or for developing your leadership’s positioning? That’s where Phil Szomszor from start-up agency Brightside comes in. Phil and his partner Jo have created their unique methodology to help communicators build their leaders’ profiles on social media, tell stories and communicate with multiple stakeholders. Want to get a better return from social media, listen in. You might learn a trick or two from a highly experiences comms pro.

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Communicate in a Crisis: Understand, Engage and Influence Consumer Behaviour to Maximize Brand Trust

Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel: