PODCAST: Battling Agency Life and Infertility with Kelly Molson

PODCAST: Battling Agency Life and Infertility with Kelly Molson

Our Beyond the Creds Deck episodes are interviews with agency founders. People who took the crazy and challenging road to fame and fortune by opening up their own marketing shop. In this edition, I talk with Kelly Molson, Co-Founder and MD of digital agency Rubber Cheese.

Kelly describes her experience of securing her first clients, getting a business partner, finding a niche and growing her client base over a 17-year journey.

Kelly also opens up about her challenges with infertility and IVF. We talk about how this has affected her personally and her agency too; imagine having to look after your clients while undergoing a course of IVF, or making horrendously difficult life decisions. Thank you, Kelly, for being so open and honest about something so deeply challenging. It was a privilege talking with you.

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