PODCAST: Agile Marketing with Zoe Merchant

PODCAST: Agile Marketing with Zoe Merchant

In the dynamic world of marketing, change is pretty much a constant.

Over the last two decades, everything has changed, except perhaps for how most of us approach the delivery of marketing programmes or projects. Enter stage left the world of agile marketing. A world in which we use data to test, learn, iterate and refine in an ongoing, process of working towards marketing perfection.

A methodology built on software development that suits the digital marketing landscape we now play in.

You would be forgiven for thinking agile marketing sounds a bit like yet another buzzword. But give it a chance. It includes some fundamentally different approaches to marketing management, whether you are in a consultancy or agency environment, or in-house. You might find a few ideas in Zoe’s approach that will help your marketing go from good, to great.

Listen in below.

Resources mentioned in the show:

Harvard Business Review

Agile marketing resources


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