PODCAST: Agency Lead Gen with Christian Banach

PODCAST: Agency Lead Gen with Christian Banach

Agency lead generation is one of those issues we like to talk about all the time in agencies. We’re on a constant cycle of business development because, frankly, it’s how the agency world operates. Not only do we have to focus on keeping our clients happy, but for survival and ultimately growth, we also must bring new clients and projects on board all the time.

The problem is, many of us are bad at lead generation. Like the proverbial plumber whose toilet doesn’t flush or cobbler with holes in her shoes, we fail to get a marketing process in place for consistently and predictably winning new business. That’s where Christian Banach comes in with his PROPEL system; a way of building a reliable, trustworthy and predictable lead generation engine for agencies. One based on value add, being “professionally persistent”, and starting with your prospects’ problem in mind, not just pitching around a generic creds deck.

You can find out more about Christian’s process in our conversation below. Christian talks pretty fast, so listen carefully; you don’t want to miss a second.

Thanks for joining me on the podcast to talk all things agency lead generation, Christian. I loved chatting with you.

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