PODCAST: Neuroscientifically Optimising Websites with Louisa Dunbar

PODCAST: Neuroscientifically Optimising Websites with Louisa Dunbar

How important is your website?

I’m going to hazard a guess that the answer is very. Since the advent of the internet, websites have moved on at quite a pace. Where once we had simple brochure sites, we now have complex sites with lots of content and many opportunities for a browser to convert into a sales funnel. It could be starting a trial for a SaaS product, donating money to a charity or buying a new watch on a DTC-branded e-com site. They generally all have one thing in common: conversion.

Most marketers will be pretty familiar with the need to optimise a website and will undoubtedly have played around with Google Analytics, other analytics packages, Hotjar and others. But how many marketers have explored neuroscience and neuromarketing techniques to really understand their audience and customise their web properties accordingly? Not many, I would guess. And that’s where Louisa Dunbar from Orange Grove Designs comes in.

Want to find out about some fresh ideas for optimising websites? Listen in below.

I hope you enjoy the show:

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