Oak Tree of Recognition from Community Member

Oak Tree of Recognition from Community Member

We put everything into helping the agency community thrive. It’s our raison d’être. If you are new to Agency Squared, or haven’t had a good look around yet, this comes in various forms…

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One of our agency community members, the talented and determined Hayley Williams from marcoms agency Keystone, has been on board with us from the start. I am a big advocate of Keystone and have enjoyed supporting Hayley on her journey over the last couple of years.

Just before Christmas, Hayley sent me this very thoughtful gift – an Oak tree dedicated to Agency Squared planted in the National Forest. I am super chuffed with this gift, not just because it’s very thoughtful, but also helps with our impact on the wider environment.

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In case you didn’t know, this is also something I am working on through sustainable building design with our architecture practice ‘Modern Architecture Workshop’.

This dedication being an Oak is significant. This is how the National Forest team describes an Oak:

The wise old oak tree. A symbol of strength and survival, this sacred species provides rich habitats for wildlife, with many enjoying its falling acorns as a food source.

A good choice, as Agency Squared is about providing a great environment for agencies to grow, to meet clients or to exit; a rich habitat you might say. An agency community that helps agencies to Survive, Thrive and Exit.

Thanks very much, Hayley and the Keystone team. It is a pleasure working with you. Thanks for being a big part of our little agency community.