Running an agency means making decisions-lots of them.

But, as an agency leader, you are often on your own. Imagine if there was another way, a better way. Welcome to our Agency Mastermind Boardrooms.

Agency life can be hard work.

You have to make lots of decisions. Period. There are always decisions, from hiring (and firing) to deciding which clients to pursue, account management, client consultancy, year-end, payroll, office refurbs, team-building events and so on. We’re hardly scratching the surface. But, as an agency leader or owner, you can often find yourself isolated. The decisions are yours, and the buck always stops with you.

The better way. Agency Utopia if you like.

It’s where you work with your peers to run the best agency you can. Where you have a team of experienced agency owners and leaders to help and support you through those pivotal moments. That’s the Agency Squared Mastermind boardroom program. We meet once a month for a mastermind session over breakfast (or dinner). The goal of each meeting is to solve the challenges you face with running your agency, leaving you with a practical action plan of next steps.

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Our Mastermind Boardrooms are small communities designed around one goal – to help you move your agency forward. They are completely confidential (Chatham House rules), supportive, non-competitive and feature agency leaders like you: those who want to grow.

How does an Agency Mastermind Work?

The goal is to work together as a group to solve each others’ challenges. Here’s how it goes:

Describing a Challenge: We’ll take it in turns to introduce something that’s stopping us from moving forward. The issue can be anything. Maybe you don’t feel confident in your positioning, or perhaps you’re struggling to get a team member performing.

Clarifying the Details: The group members will all ask you up to two clarifying questions. Be prepared to open your kimono as they say. The more you share openly (it’s completely confidential), the more likely it is you will get constructive advice.

Presenting Solutions: Armed with all the details, each member of the group will offer you a possible route to solving your challenge. With up to 10 group members, that’s a lot of ideas for you to consider.

Agreeing to an Action Plan: Ideas are worthless without action. After you’ve considered all the opinions offered, you will commit to an action plan to resolve your challenge. You will feedback to the group at the next Mastermind so we can all learn from your successes.

That’s it. Simple but hugely valuable.

Join a Mastermind today and move your agency forward.