Marketing to Millennials & the AI Generation with Somi Arian

Marketing to Millennials & the AI Generation with Somi Arian

You’ve probably heard about as much about ‘millennials’ as you can take, right? You’ve heard for years how the world is changing because of millennials, how they think and act differently, and what this means to you as a marketing professional. TV no longer works, radio’s old fashioned and outdoor, well, forget about it. Millennials don’t look at adverts. Well, yes and no. Millennials are interested in adverts, just not the feature led product promos we’re all churning out these days.

If you want to connect with millennials, you need to understand them and to do that you need to listen to Somi Arian. Somi and her Smart Cookie Media team have been exploring and understanding this world and what it means to marketers for years. Millennials have grown up as digital natives, and the next generation will be AI natives. This access to digital means they’ve had more choice, available more quickly, with more information than ever before. It’s time to evolve or die, as traditional marketing approaches will soon go the way of Blockbuster, or Topshop, or HMV, or any brand that hasn’t changed quickly enough to advances in digital.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:
The Millenial Mindset Documentary

The 10 Factors that Drive Millennials’ Consumer Behaviour

Ray Dalio’s Principles

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