Make 2024 the Year of Incremental Gains for your  Agency

Make 2024 the Year of Incremental Gains for your Agency

I talk to a lot of people running agencies. Everyone from small digital shops in the provinces to the leaders of major global creative and media shops, and there’s a universal truth across the board: it’s been a bloody tough year.

There’s some pain in the agency sector, and without wanting to sound too gloomy, it will probably be more of the same in 2024. With the OECD forecasting global GDP growth of just 2.9% in 2024 and the UK, France, Germany and Italy below 1%, it’s a safe bet things won’t get much better anytime soon.

Against that backdrop, I’d like to challenge every agency to consider the impact of incremental or marginal gains.

Take inspiration from Sir Dave Brailsford, who elevated British cycling from the doldrums to world-beating, and feel the collective effect of all the small things you can do that will make all the difference in 2024.

Here are some examples of the little things agencies can do to raise their game in attracting new clients – these are all based on my recent experiences of recruiting an agency for one of my clients:

  1. Put a phone number on your website. Yes, you live in Teams and Slack, but many people still like to pick up the phone. Me included. A virtual phone number costs around a tenner a month. Don’t think, do it. And when someone calls, don’t be a moron. Be friendly and welcoming.
  2. Monitor your website contact form. There’s zero value in having a contact form on your website if nobody monitors it or responds to enquiries. Exactly this has happened to me with at least three agencies in the past month.
  3. Publish an address on your website. You may like being nomadic or hybrid, but client-side marketers want to know you have an office and where it is so they can visit sometime. Even if it’s just an address at a coworking space, it makes you look more credible.
  4. Start building up your reviews. Yes, your prospective clients will check you out online, so get some reviews on your Google My Business profile. Just ask all the happy clients you shout about to write a few words. Simples.
  5. Sharpen your positioning. Make it straightforward on your website what you do for whom, and save everyone a lot of time. I’ve written about this before, but it’s possible to read an agency website and wonder what they can do to solve your marketing challenge.

So there you have it, the opportunity for incremental gains at your agency that will make all the difference in 2024.

Want to know more? Watch Sir Dave’s interview below about creating a continuous learning and improvement culture.

Header image photo by Dylan Nolte on Unsplash