You can waste a lot of time pursuing the wrong type of prospect. It can be tempting to chase every lead, especially when you have payroll or sales targets to hit and the numbers aren’t looking great.

This is almost always the wrong way to go. Smart business development professionals go after the right leads. Those that meet their pre-defined qualifying criteria.

If you don’t have any qualifying criteria, work your way through our handy lead scoring calculator for agencies below. Choose one option from each of the nine qualification criteria and the calculator will generate a percentage score at the end.

If you score above 70% you probably have a lead that is worth pursuing.

Anything less than 70% and you should be careful. Your chances of success are less than ideal and you could spend a lot of time and effort without a champagne moment in the end. You should spend more time qualifying whether the prospective client is a good lead or not.

Complete the lead scoring for agencies calculator and work out your chances of success

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