How do you Find the Right Agency?

How do you Find the Right Agency?

How do you find the right agency? It’s a question all marketers ask at one time or another.

With over 20,000 agencies* in the UK alone, finding them is not at all hard. Finding a good one, now that’s another matter.

I teamed up with some smart marketers and a recruiter to run a series of online Roundtable events during May this year. We covered a range of subjects to help high growth or scale-up companies to build their marketing infrastructure, including:

  • What does marketing look like for a high growth / scale-up organisation?
  • How do you calculate an appropriate budget and measure ROI
  • When and how do you recruit an internal marketing team, and lastly
  • How do you find the right agency for you and your business

I was pleased to cover the last session in the series, on how do you find the right agency. It’s a constant source of frustration among marketers since there are so many options. I can tell you from the clientside perspective, that most agencies look and sound very similar from the outside.

Each Roundtable featured a 15-minute presentation and a similar length of time spent with Q&A afterwards. We recorded all of the sessions, so if you missed them you can catch up here.

No need to click if you are looking for my talk… it’s right here:

We thoroughly enjoyed pulling this series of Roundtable events together. We received some really great feedback on them too:

I took part in Agency Squared’s roundtables and found the content extremely valuable for our business.

Victoria Poon, Alpaca Coffee

Did you attend and enjoy the Roundtables? Let us know here. We are planning to run some more of these Roundtable workshops and we are keen to hear what topics we should cover, so drop us a line here.

*apparently anyway. I’ve heard this stat quoted many times, but never come across a source to verify if it’s true or not.