PODCAST: Financial Management for Agencies

PODCAST: Financial Management for Agencies

Let’s be honest; nobody goes into running agencies because they love financial management.

Whatever flavour of agency you run, your first love is likely to be design or banding, or copywriting, and not bookkeeping, cash flow and balance sheets.

But, if you’re going to be successful, you will need an intimate understanding of how to manage, understand, interpret, and make decisions based on your finances. That’s where people like Rayhaan come in. They help agency entrepreneurs use their financial data to make critical decisions. You know, things like whether you can afford to hire new staff, how much to keep in reserve for the tax man, or even how to manage your affairs, so you pay less (the right amount) of tax.

Listen to the latest episode of Through the Line as Rayhaan explains his processes for sound financial management for agencies, including planning for tax, valuing your business, getting ready for exit and a whole lot more. Finance may not always be the most exciting part of running an agency, but it’s bloody important.

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