Confident Communication is Back

Confident Communication is Back

Our Confident Communication training course is for people who want to knock their next presentation out of the park.

Remember that time you delivered a presentation on Zoom and you were so nervous you needed a stiff drink afterwards? What about when you presented at a conference and froze on stage, or when you crumbled during a pitch and completely lost your train of thought? 

At one time or another, everyone struggles with public speaking and presentations.

But, a career in marketing involves doing this a lot. Whether it’s selling a new strategy into your board of directors, trying to win a new client for your agency, or even showing your skills at a conference.

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect – well, better at least anyway.

If you want to stand out for all the right reasons when delivering your next presentation you need to join us for Confident Communication.

What will you get from the workshops?

The workshop will help you to engage and entertain your audiences like never before. The in-person session has a special focus on the art of the performance – the elements of stagecraft that top performers use to wow their audiences.

We are running two sessions during November:

  • A full-day in-person workshop in London, for those getting back into face to face meetings and events

Whichever session you choose, the course will develop your communications skills, build your confidence at delivering presentations, pitches and public speaking in any situation.

You can find out more and book your place on these workshops here.

Don’t delay, book today. We only have space for six delegates per session so we can make sure everyone gets significant value and impact from attending.

Like Lucy, who joined us last year:

“I really enjoyed the confidence communications workshop.  I think I might finally have turned a corner overcoming my total fear of presenting! It felt like a very safe environment to learn and be coaxed along.  I got a real buzz from the last session when I thought that actually, I can do it! I will try and remember that feeling for the next time!”

Lucy Campbell, Head of Events, Christie’s