A good coach will help you build a high-performing agency. 
Bill Gates said “everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player or a bridge player.”  We agree. 

Step 1: Discovery

The first step in any coaching relationship is Discovery. We want to know what type of help you need and whether we’re able to provide it. Not only that but is there chemistry between us; are we going to work well together?

The Discovery session allows us to make that assessment of each other and establish if coaching with Agency Squared is right for you.

Step 2: Mindset & Vision

When you set up an agency, you start with an idea or a goal. You might plan to be the leading PR agency for fashion designers, or the best Google Ads agency for sportswear brands. Either way, when you grow beyond the kitchen table, you’ll need to start telling people what you’re doing. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll need to inspire them to work with you either as a client or as an employee.

This growth needs two things: Mindset and Vision. Getting these right at the start of your agency growth journey will make it a much more realistic, pleasurable and scalable proposition.

Step 3: Business Plan

It’s likely your business plan exists only in your head, or maybe you’ve translated it to a PowerPoint. We’d bet you have pitched it a few hundred times already to prospective clients, partners, new hires – especially if your agency is up and running. But, like most business plans, it’s probably out of date and lacking details you’ll find useful and or actionable.

A good business plan offers enormous value to you as you grow and attempt to scale. It doesn’t need to be a 100-page tome, but it does need to spell out what your agency does, why, for whom, how it will be successful and what you expect the numbers to be.

We’ll work on this together as the third step in our coaching program to build a solid foundation for a working relationship.

Step 4: Building Blocks

It will take anything between 3-6 months to get this far. We’ll have asked some challenging questions, and you’ll have done some deep thinking and soul searching by now. It’s worth it. You’ll have the foundations in place to grow, and now it’s about filling in the details.

We’ll look at the operational infrastructure (finances, KPIs, dashboarding, tech stack), personnel plan, culture and that most challenging of all topics, business development. It’s time to get your hands dirty with the detail and getting ready for growth.

PS We’ll leave you alone at times to keep servicing clients too.

Want to find out more about how a specialist agency coach can take you from good to great.

What our clients say

  • "Thank you for all your insights and for helping me to get ready for the launch of my new agency. I'm feeling excited and confident about the new Keystone. Your coaching has played a big part in that and I'm proud to see it all coming together.""

    Hayley Williams, Keystone
  • I can highly recommend Andy. He really knows his subject and is always ready to guide you through online and offline marketing strategies with his calm and considered manner. It's been a delight working with him.

    Charlie Edwards, True Graphics