Agency Required

Agency Required

We’re once again looking for an agency to deliver a project for a client.

This project is for a local authority that needs a content agency to help tell the story of some redevelopment works to a country park in the East of England.

What type of agency are they looking to hire?

An agency that knows how to tell a story

One that is proficient with a camera, both still and moving imagery

And that can fly a drone (legally) to show the context of the redevelopment

That can also design for large format printing

Of course, they should also know how to manage a project, communicate clearly, manage a network of stakeholders and work alongside an already established team.

Get in touch if this sounds like your or your agency.

Because the client is a local authority, a formal tender process is involved. But, don’t worry, unlike some tenders, I can assure you this is not an exercise in compliance.

No agency has already been lined up for the project. It’s a fair day at the races for all who enter.