Agency Masterminds for Problem Solving

Agency Masterminds for Problem Solving

What a treat it was to run the Agency Squared Mastermind in person again on Friday.

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve been running the sessions via Zoom, but it was great to meet in person. It’s just so much more human and engaging, and we had a lovely lunch too.

What were some of the issues raised?

We run our Agency Masterminds under Chatham House rules, so I can only give you the potted highlights, which are not attributed to any attendee.

Some of the key issues we addressed will be relevant to anyone growing an agency, including:

Q. How do you align team resources with new business opportunities so you can grow sustainably?

Q. How can you attract talent to build your team but without breaking the bank?

Q. How should you ensure GDPR compliance when working with freelancers/associates?

Q Is there value in B Corporations for agencies and what can we learn about running a good business without becoming certified?

Those group members who came armed with a challenge benefited from a good deal of discussion and ‘groupthink’ around how to move their agency business forward.

Our next Agency Mastermind will be in late February / Early March 2022 (quarterly).

More details here if you would like to find out more about the format. This particular group is an excellent fit for anyone running an agency with up to 10 employees.

You can also find out more about Agency Squared here and how we support agencies and in-house marketers alike.