There’s Value in our Agency Community

There’s Value in our Agency Community

I’ve been a bit quiet on our agency community outposts recently; sorry about that blog and podcast – I’ve just been too flipping busy to focus my attention on you of late.

Part of that busyness has been in bringing members of the Agency Squared community together.

It’s something I love to do. Whenever I take one of those Myers-Briggs, Tilt 365 type personality tests, it generally tells me I’m a collaborator/lynchpin sort of person. And it’s so true. I get a real buzz from bringing people together, especially when they are both parts of the Agency Squared community.

A few weeks ago, Baz from Bravo Creative got in touch, and we got together for a coffee. It was great not to be WFH for a change. Should that be WAFH?

Baz had been focused on delivering excellent client work, and his pipeline had run a little dry. He was doing the smart thing and showing off his creds to his network, which included me.

I hadn’t seen Baz’s work for a while, so it was useful to catch up. He’d been doing some exciting brand work, which showed off nicely what he was capable of delivering.

Could I help to start some conversations with other agencies in the community, he asked?

The answer was, of course. The Agency Squared community has over 120 independent UK agencies and I’m on a bit of a mission to get them collaborating.

I got to thinking about who Baz would benefit from meeting and, significantly, who would value some extra creative muscle in their offering.

Fast forward a month and several introductions later, here’s what Baz had to say…

“Within weeks of meeting, Andy fostered relationships with four agencies; I partnered with two immediately, which led to producing TV ads for NHS England and creating national campaigns for the Cabinet Office. This guy delivers in abundance! Just… wow!”

Boom! Thanks for the great feedback, Baz. Delighted I could add some value to your world. I can’t wait to see the NHS campaign when it rolls out.

But, in the last couple of weeks, I have also connected a photographer with an international agency needing help with a fashion client, and a video agency needing a quality web dev team to partner with. Now, I am putting together two members to work on some positioning and copywriting, and procuring a comms agency for a Cambridgeshire-based charity – again all from within the Agency Squared community.

I have worked in marketing and agency since 1998. Creating collaborative partnerships and putting the right people together is some of the most satisfying work I have done. The results are incredible, such as the outcome of Baz’s work for the NHS.

Get in touch if you want some help building your network with other agencies or potential collaborators. Our agency community at Agency Squared is a feast of opportunity if you know where to look.

Members receive lead alerts too. What’s not to like?