Agency Squared is all about helping you to run a better agency; to Survive, Thrive and Exit. Join us and take a giant leap forward.

Agency Squared is on a mission; to help agency owners to survive, thrive and exit. Running an agency is far from ‘easy street’. No matter what the flavour of agency you’re running, there are significant challenges and barriers to success: building your own space in the market, hiring and firing talent, managing cash flow, creating a culture of service delivery; the list is endless.

But, for successful agencies, the risks are outweighed by the rewards. Running any type of marketing, creative or communications agency is hugely satisfying from a creative and financial perspective – if you get it right. And that’s where Agency Squared comes in. Founded by Andy Bargery, an experienced agency owner and leader, the goal is simple. To provide agency leaders with the tools they need to grow beyond the business they started on their kitchen table.

/ We do Masterminds.

As the owner or leader of an agency, you are responsible for all of the significant decision making. When to hire, which clients to focus on, what services to pitch, who to pitch, where to locate your office, when to fire etc. the list is endless. But, the chances of you having a board of directors to help with that decision making are slim. Joining an Agency Squared Mastermind Boardroom will provide a confidential environment to meet with your peers, work together to solve problems and make decisions, and to grow your agency.

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/ We do Coaching.

Running an agency is no mean feat, and sometimes an external viewpoint is invaluable. Our coaching services provide the guiding hand of an experienced agency owner to guide you on how to run and grow your agency. Someone to hold you accountable and keep you moving towards hitting your big, hairy, audacious goal.

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/ We do Training.

When running an agency, it’s essential you invest in training your team. But don’t forget your personal development too. There’s a lot to do when you lead an agency and it pays to stay on top of the latest thinking when it comes to business development, understanding the finances, building a great culture.

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