Agency Squared is all about helping you to deliver more effective marketing.

We create partnerships, train and improve agencies, and build marketing ecosystems. Join us and take a giant leap forward.

Agency Squared is on a mission; to create marketing partnerships that deliver results.
We are catalysts for effective marketing performance, whether that’s agency growth, brand performance or successful M&A for agency businesses and investors.
Our team has worked in marketing since 1998 on both sides of the client and agency divide. We have worked for big brands like Oracle, Vodafone, FedEx and, and in every size of an agency, from the big network firms to independent start-ups.
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/ Agency?

As the owner or leader of an agency, you are responsible for all significant decision-making. When to hire, which clients to focus on, who to pitch, where to locate your office… it’s endless. You also have to train, motivate, retain your team, create a kick-ass culture, and hit payroll. Are you spinning enough plates?

We work with agencies to help develop their teams’ skills. We support their leadership through coaching and by providing peer support networks. We also help with lead alerts and pitch support through our membership programme.

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/ In-house Marketer?

We get it; marketing can be a busy, stressful occupation. When it’s time to find a new agency, and you look out at the sea of custard soup that is the agency landscape, the mind boggles. We help our clients with agency intelligence, procurement and interim marketing management services to help them find and squeeze the most out of their agency partners.

Our team has worked on both sides of the client and agency coin and know this is not always easy.

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/ Selling or Buying?

We know many agency owners have an eye on their exit plan. You have spent years building your business with the view of spending more time with your family or sitting on the beach sipping PiƱa coladas, and you now have three options: sell up, downsize or walk away. If you want to sell, we can help. We are in regular contact with investors looking to put their money into UK agencies of all disciplines. We can advise you on the entire process and with our partners in corporate finance ensure you receive the right advice, whatever the size of your agency.

For investors, we can help you identify and engage with a shortlist of UK agencies that match your criteria.

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