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We work with in-house marketers, agency teams and investors to deliver marketing performance, drive agency growth and generate a return on investment. Look around and find out how we can help you to drive marketing performance.

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How we help our clients

  • Agency

    Survive, Thrive and Exit

    Agency Multiplied helps strengthen agencies through community, connections, content and courses.

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  • Marketer

    Build Your Team

    Marketer Plus is for client-side marketers needing interim support, agency/client match-making and pitch management.

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  • Investor

    Access capital for growth or exit

    Through partnerships and investors, we provide opportunities for agencies to grow and exit.

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Our Training and Events for Marketers and Agency Pros

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What our clients tell us

  • "I've had the privilege of working with Andy for the last six months and it has been nothing short of a transformative experience. His deep understanding of the agency world has proven immensely valuable in helping put us on a well-defined path to success. While there have been challenging moments and difficult questions, they are the ones we, as agency owners, must ultimately tackle. I can't thank Andy enough for his dedication, expertise, and unwavering support. I am genuinely excited about the future he's helped me envision."

    Carl Darnell, Founder, crdone.
  • "I have been working with Agency Squared for several years now, most recently using their new Agency Quality Mark. Having worked with multiple similar companies I have no hesitation in saying that they are the most knowledgeable, down to earth and practical consultancies around. There are a lot of people portraying to have experience in agency growth, I believe few deliver. Agency Squared did!"

    Dean Corney, Managing Director, The Pull Agency
  • “ Within weeks of meeting, Andy fostered relationships with four agencies, I partnered with two immediately, which led to producing TV ads for NHS England, and creating national campaigns for the Cabinet Office. This guy delivers in abundance! Just... wow! ”

    Baz Richardson, Founder & Creative Director, Bravo Creative
  • "Thank you for all your insights and for helping me to get ready for the launch of my new agency. I'm feeling excited and confident about the new Keystone. Your coaching has played a big part in that and I'm proud to see it all coming together."

    Hayley Williams, Managing Director, Keystone
  • "Working with Andy has been an awesome experience! I was in a rut with my business as I lacked clarity and wasn't making much progress. But Andy's unique system has helped me narrow my focus and has provided me with much-needed clarity on what services to sell, who to sell it to and how to go about selling it. He's also helped me create a business plan that I'm looking forward to executing on going forward."

    Xavi Umeh, Founder, Brandedpod
  • “The Art of the Pitch course was really good, loved the insights from the more experienced pitchers – worth the investment in itself. Tas was a great speaker who was very approachable and open to conversation which was good. Andy’s input, insights and guidance were excellent also!”

    Dave Shepperd, Digital & Marketing Director, Big Bear Creative
  • “I thought the Art of the Pitch was a great course with lots of actionable tips and trips and a great networking opportunity. Thank you!”

    Zoe Merchant, Managing Director, Bright Innovation
  • ‘I absolutely loved doing the Agency Quality Mark. We had previously used generic scoring methods to evaluate our business performance and maturity. Having a method made specifically for agencies has been a bit of a god send and will undoubtably help with our planning for the following year and beyond.’

    Dean Corney, Managing Director, The Pull Agency
  • The Pitch Perfect speaker training course neatly balanced inspiration, support and challenge and saw all participants improve considerably.

    Dan Ince, Founder, BrandWorks
  • "In his time at KetchumPleon, Andy has been an outstanding professional and a fantastic client consultant. He has played a key role in growing a marketing unit and inspired excellence in client delivery within the team."

    Girish Balachandran, Associate Director, Ketchum
  • "I can highly recommend Andy. He really knows his subject and is always ready to guide you through online and offline marketing strategies with his calm and considered manner. It's been a delight working with him and look forward to working with him more in the future."

    Charlie Edwards, Founder, True Graphics

Research Report: What Clients and Agencies Really Want

We asked the Agency Squared and Marketing Meetup communities to tell us how they get on with their colleagues over the fence.

  • What are their relationships like?
  • What makes for a successful engagement between client and agency?
  • What do they like and dislike about each other?

In total, we received 229 responses, roughly fifty-fifty, from clients and agencies.

This report outlines what we found and our five-point action plan for how we can all work together better, covering:

  • Understanding
  • People
  • Time
  • Investment
  • Communication

Download your free copy here and learn how to build more effective marketing relationships.

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